California Fish & Game President Richards eats cats.

fish & game president kills and eats a cat
fish & game president kills and eats a cat

Unfortunately, this is a true story, with true numbers. Fish & Game kills over 3 million animals a year in the US, a little under  the total of all the cats & dogs killed in shelters. Fish & Game, working for the USDA, flies under the radar because they’re out in the woods, boom boom, dead. So let’s call them pussies.

From my weekly cartoon feature on California news & politics. Try out this California cartoon for powerpoint, state journals, newsletters, blogs, books, etc. Details here.

ID #120326p        Caption: Mountain lions are protected in California by Fish & Game. So Daniel M. Richards, Pres of Fish & game in California, killed one in Idaho. He claimed that he ate it! Next up, he’ll shoot himself in the foot! ( Daniel P Richards stands on top of dead mountain lion and says California’s a drag, and clutches his bucket list. Cat’s taste better with catsup! Fish & Game killed 100,000 animals in Calif last year. Let’s make it 200,000 in 2013!)

Donna Barstow

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