California border checkpoints for your sanity.

California checkpoints cartoon
calif checkpoints, or mompoints

California is much stricter about border patrol for insects or plants than for illegal immigrants. They also weigh trucks. (I’m not sure why.) In any case, you sometimes have to go through them, and the guards at this checkpoint – border station give you an important message while you’re there! ( Cartoon note: I didn’t plan it, but the two dialogue pointers go opposite to the lines of the funny roof, which makes a dynamic drawing, if you’re into design like that.)

From my weekly cartoon feature on California news & politics. Try out this California cartoon for powerpoint, newsletters, blogs, books, etc. Details here.

ID #120116q        Caption: Leaving California Checkpoint. Two border patrolmen say Your business is welcome in other states! But you won’t be “the beautiful people” anymore.

Donna Barstow

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