Charles Manson loves the mobile.

charles manson in prison cartoon
charles manson & his cell phones in prison

I love this one! I don’t do multi-panel comic strips like this one usually, but I wanted to make a lot of points here. It’s a miniature graphic novel! I talk more about this cartoon, and Charles Manson, in my Opinion Cartoons blog. I also compare my cartoon to Ted Rall’s there, and I win.

From my weekly cartoon feature on California news & politics. Try out this California cartoon for powerpoint, state journals, newsletters, blogs, books, etc. Details here.

ID #110207q         Caption: Corcoran Prison caught Charles Manson with 2 cell phones! State investigations conclude that prison guards bring in over 10,000 cell phones a year! State officials claim unions would charge more if guards are scanned. So they aren’t. Bottom Line: California is more afraid of prison unions than Charles Manson! We’re going to call you Chuck!

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