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Welcome home! I’m an editorial and New Yorker cartoonist for venues like Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, Slate, pot o' goldand dozens of other magazines, papers, and books.

But let’s cut to the chase: How can you get your mitts on some of these cartoons for yourself?

How you can buy cartoons

You can buy cartoons from any page on the site, or right here. Find the Paypal Buy Cartoons Here! in the sidebar. Above it is a box with a pulldown menu with the most popular services, and a box to input either the ID number, (listed with each cartoon), or part of the caption.

Cartoon Usage

Here are some additional suggestions on all the wonderful ways you can use cartoons, with a couple that wouldn’t fit into the Paypal menu.


Buy Cartoons ForFeeBigger Circulation
Advertising, Licensing Email me.
Company Website or Blog$89$150
Newsletter, print or online $59$95
Personal Hardcopy$23 (signed)(Part of fee goes to Animal Welfare!)
Presentations$65 (one time)$89 (one year)
Self-published Book
or E-book
Social Media/
Personal Blog
Teachers - Students$19$35 (over 100 copies)

There’s an extra blank box on the paypal form to change the price to the correct amount above for your particular business, or even make a donation.


  • When you’re signed into Paypal, under the Shipping Address be sure to include the name of your business, website, book, or school there.
  • focus on little powerpointThere is a discount of 10% with a purchase of multiple cartoons. Just email me.
  • In general, if you have a H U G E business, just double the price. :)
  • I continue to own all copyright of my cartoons. Please do link to Donna Barstow Cartoons, and/or include ©D. Barstow along any that you buy. Thanks a bunch!
  • if we’ve already worked together, we’ll be fine continuing with that
  • For newspaper features, please take a look at my Weekly Comics page for my regular weekly features. Please call or write about these.

Have fun with Paypal!

Paypal accepts all major credit cards, and of course, Paypal. Very convenient for  international buyers! Btw, they don’t take a penny from you when you buy something; they take a small % from me when I get paid.

Upon receipt of your order, I will email you the full-res cartoon within 24 hours (usually sooner), remove the copyright symbol, and it’s ready for print, powerpoint, website or your very own enjoyment.

If you have any questions, you can email me before you do the Paypal thing. I’m so kindhearted, I might even lower the price for you! Email me: Donna   Barstow  (no spaces) at  g

No Freebies, sorry

No cartoon here is free, even for teachers and students. Using cartoons without permission is illegal and is subject to fines up to $150,000 plus legal fees. Fair Use does not have different laws for schools; there are 4 rules for Fair Use, so this is an excellent time to teach students about copyright! :) Did you know copyright was made into law so artists wouldn’t starve to death? Don’t let me starve!

suspicious young man cartoonAny other questions? Email me: Donna   Barstow  (no spaces) at  g


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