Bride and bridegroom fight over technology.

couple has fight at their wedding

I’ve never been a fan of the common trope in cartoons, husband and wife fighting. It was overused in the 50s and 60s,  and some of the older guys still stick to it. (Wall Street Journal’s Pepper and Salt has been guilty of this for years – in fact, women hardly appeared in cartoons except as the wife, the  shrew, until a few years ago.)

But I guess I’m okay with arguments in the wedding chapel! At least over a philosophical point as important as this.

Like many New Yorker cartoons, this is kind of obscure. And I admit, I don’t know what analog means, except that it’s not digital. Has a good rhythm, though.

Speaking of technology – okay, social media –  I’ve been posting cartoon links on Reddit for the first time this year. Other artists have said Reddit is one of those very harsh sites, like Stumbleupon, who bury posters they don’t like with negative comments until the artist is voted off the island, or kicked out, or something. 

That hasn’t happened to me yet. And I’m really impressed with Reddit’s respect for cartoons and copyright, like this:

Link to the page, not the image file, so the artist gets the credit and site traffic.


Please make sure not to rehost or hotlink any webcomics. Give the original authors their ad revenue and credit.

Now THAT’S an adult, modern attitude in social media!

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ID #2675zbe     Cartoon caption:  Wedding guests comment on argument between bride and groom: “Another digital versus analog spat.”

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