How kids make money now.

young boy begs for money for college tuition
They start pandering at a very young age.

I don’t know why I posted two cartoons of children in a row — they’re really not my favorite people. But I like this one – it’s like a Kickstarter campaign held in person, isn’t it?

Would be great to add to educational journals, business publications, textbooks, and general. Educators and teachers have the self-confidence to laugh at themselves.

Sorry that the watermark is partially obscuring this darling dog. Even though his barking is already driving me crazy, he’s a cutie. I love the annoyed expression on the boy’s face.

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ID #3757cbe     Cartoon caption: Boy sits on sidewalk with hat, asking for spare change for college tuition. His dog is next to him, with dog bowl asking for money for obedience school, as he barks.


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