How to organize your time.

man has busy schedule
In case you wondered….men don’t use DayRunners. /sexist but could be funny?

Yeah, I know this phone is a little old, but lots of businesses still use obsolete equipment. And you should see how I draw TVs– the older the better, yum.

When a good friend showed me her Franklin Planner, and explained how it worked, I almost fell in love. It would make me a better person! I don’t hear much about them anymore…are they still a must-have? She swears by it, but she also gets the latest iPhones, so…maybe she’s more of a follower? :) I’ve always been fascinated by them, regardless.

And I still read TV Guide every day, online.
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ID #902ow      Caption: Thursday sounds great, Bob, but let me check my calendar, my Franklin Planner, and my TV and cable guide, and I’ll get back to you. (man talking on phone in office)

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