Wise employees carry a canary everywhere.

Man takes canary to work to test farts in his cubicle
Man takes canary to work to test air quality and gas in his cubicle

Take a Canary to Work Day Cartoon.

Canary owners or mine workers will get this cartoon, if not cubicle workers. :)

You’ve heard the expression, a canary in the coal mine? Canaries have been used for decades to test the air quality of  mines — canaries are more sensitive to gas such as carbon monoxide, and quickly succumb if you are stupid or evil and don’t get out of there with your canary, quickly enough. The Dept of Labor even talks about them!

Of course, they are often useful for people who live or work too near to other people who have digestive difficulties. And where the air isn’t fresh. Think of it as testing for gas in the workplace. I am trying to be delicate about this…

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ID #2809G      Caption: You wouldn’t understand. It’s a cubicle thing. (man comes home from work carrying a canary in a cage)



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