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You may have noticed the hottest new trend of marketing in 2013: Visual Marketing. You can read more about it in Forbes, Fast Company, and Techcrunch. Yum! Funny images are the IT in Pinterest and Tumblr, and by far the most shared in Twitter and Facebook. They’re easy to access on smartphones and tablets, and read brilliantly in a limited space.

dogwoman and catman
dogwoman and catman

Forbes suggests that images add that emotional connection, and suggests that “you showcase the culture and message behind your brand.” Show, don’t tell. It’s what makes social media tick.

Most shared pictures are funny

But what each of these business publications fails to point out, is that the vast majority of shared images, cut out, saved, and republished, are the humorous ones. People like to laugh, and have their friends share the joke, and cartoons get many more shares and comments than silly quotations.

Cartoons are one of the few original commercial arts left, too. This makes cartoons even more valuable and distinctive to the smart companies that get to promote themselves with cartoon branding!

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Handmade, not store-bought

Another thing that comic art adds to a company’s image are that Made in USA, homegrown, handmade essence that has made Etsy the success it is. Buyers and readers like to support small businesses and artists.

Everyone knows that original drawings like this don’t grow on trees – the businesses and publications that use cartoons and humorous illustrations are telling clients and subscribers,  “We value art, creativity, and the humor in our pages, so we’re cool. And we’re generous enough to share it with you.”

Add some cartoons to your business, and watch business pick up, as your marketing becomes more flexible, and shareable.

Nancy comic book with her cartoonist Ernie Bushmiller taking it easy in the studio!
Nancy comic book with her cartoonist Ernie Bushmiller taking it easy in the studio!

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