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teacher fish teaches fish school cogito ergo sum

Actually, I think I used the wrong word in this caption. The name of the class for this school of fish should be called Philosophy, not Logic, as  the theorem, I think, therefore I am is by a philosopher, not a logician!  (I took both subjects, but apparently not enough of either.)

Some cartoon ideas just resonate with a cartoonist more than others, and they keep working at it with different captions, trying to get it “right”! This is one of mine.

  • I think, therefore I am
  • Cogito ergo sum
  • je pense, donc je suis

Rene Descartes wrote this theorem in French rather than Latin to reach a wider audience in his country than just scholars.

He forgot text-talk.

My latest cartoon in PsychCentral is about the lady or the tiger. (If you’ve heard of Descartes, you probably already read the short story.}

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wife takes action against husband's snoring
Do you snore?

Has this ever happened to you? Admit it. And sometimes the sign is flipped, because it’s the woman who’s doing it!

No matter who, it’s embarrassing to the snorer, and truly annoying to the sleeper next to him or her (usually him — always him if you’re gay.)

Like dreaming, we don’t have much control over it, and the fixes I’ve read about can be useless, or even more vexing.

I suggest you try the sign cure, and let me know how it works.

My most recent cartoon in PsychCentral is about how to make him fall in love with you online.


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Dvds are either comedies or for crybabies
Dvds are either comedies or for crybabies

I guess this is the updated version of the comedy-tragedy masks in dramatic plays. Perhaps Netflix could take a hint? And as a theater buff, yes, I’ve done many cartoons of the masks, too!

Barron’s recently bought this cartoon. I’m so lucky to have a smart editor there who shares some of my quirky humor — it’s not just conference tables  in Barron’s anymore!


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freelance writer rejection letter
Before I was a cartoonist, I wrote jokes, and short stories, and kids books…it never occurred to me that I, or anyone for that matter, wouldn’t do this, or want to do this, to make a living.

Who was I fooling?!

If you haven’t been reading your Kindle recently, you might have forgotten the classic way to end a book, or at least a children’s story: They all lived happily ever after.

And if you’re not a writer, you would be surprised at how many editors at publishers, newspapers and magazines still want hardcopy submissions.


astronomers discuss radio wave communications in outer spaceI did a couple different versions of this. I mean, who doesn’t like to do alien cartoons? And messages from outer space? This might be my favorite.

No, I don’t read People. No, I don’t like people. But I do like aliens. Go below the fold to read about our local astronomy highlight: The Griffith Observatory. I can just barely see it if if I crane out my window.

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