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NOTE: I changed the caption. Yes, that’s allowed. New caption is at bottom of post. Option is a word I hear a lot in my Scriptwriters Network seminars. No one…

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doctor tells patient he doesn't have a backbone to stand on

Oh, dear. I’m afraid some may think this cartoon is a reflection of what I think of certain men: that they don’t have a backbone. Or, you know, any kind of bone, anywhere. Or any word beginning with “bone.” (I’m bad at Scrabble.)

They rate diamonds by their hardness…why not bones?

No,  this cartoon is not just about men, for I judge both men and women for their strength: how they “stand up” , or don’t, for either themselves, a cause, an opinion. Because without courage, and something strong to stand on, one is just a quivering pile of jello. Gross.

Even the doctor here can’t give a full-out direct prognosis; he wants a second opinion! What a weenie.

Plus, my latest  in PsychCentral: Better not show this cartoon to your therapist.

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woman asks beau if her new shoes are over the top
woman asks date if her new shoes are too outlandish – YES!

This is a Girl Talk cartoon.

I did a page-a-day calendar for Barnes & Noble called What do Women Really Want? Cats, Chocolate, Shoes, and Love! (2003)

I sold it because of the title (my own)  that most people laughed at, and on the fact that I had been doing cartoons about women for many years, and even had a section on my website called Girl Talk Cartoons.

This is all to say that I was the only one using that term, and I’ve been using it continuously online for over 14 years.

Complaint about Cartoonstock’s Cartoon Category, Girl Talk Cartoons

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men in coffin is plotting revenge
coffin cartoon for college kids

I’ve written elsewhere that I’ve been doing Morbid cartoons for a very long time. Bob Mankoff, editor of the New Yorker, spoke once and said that a great percentage of cartoons submitted there are about death. They don’t publish that many…but that doesn’t stop us from churning them out.

I can’t say that I have a grudge against any college teacher, but I think we all want to do our tutors (and elders) proud on how we turned out. In this case, of course, he didn’t turn out so well.

My latest cartoon for PsychCentral is about a woman’s secret fear on a busy street.

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pastels in the boardroom!
pastels in the boardroom!

How Stephen King has changed sales, PR, and marketing.

Obviously,  this is a reference to the great Stephen King movie, The Green Mile. Just saying the title makes me want to watch it again! It’s about Death Row at a certain southern prison, and the fascinating things that happen there one year. The kindness of the prison guards is actually one of the most shocking parts.

Btw, I did this cartoon  before the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce did their “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” slogan. Copycats.

But in real life, I think marketing people can’t keep a secret. They explain everything, in detail. Isn’t Scott Adams’ Dilbert always poking them for that?

You may wonder if I’ve done other cartoons with this wonderful, powerful quotation. The answer would be yes.

My latest cartoon at PsychCentral: Do you wonder what very personal things people might be saying about you?

And I also have a cartoon about what one thing women are looking for in a new bf (and a bad review about cookies!) in my dessert blog.


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