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I’m a cartoonist in multiple periodicals and newspapers. (That doesn’t mean I’m funny, however.) Picky eater, great friend, curious observer, elitist artist, midnight writer, voracious reader, omnivorous chocoholic, impatient driver, and so-so lover.

I’m a hybrid. I’m the only New Yorker cartoonist who made a crossover to political cartoons. I still love doing the classics single panels, however, so in my spare time I do cartoons for the Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, Barrons, Wall Street Journal, Glamour, etc.

I do regular weekly features of some of my favorite topics for newspapers and websites: Restaurant Cartoons, California Politics, and Girl Talk Cartoons. Here’s how to get them for yourself.

My editorial cartoons appear in USA Today, WSJ, The New Yorker, LA Times, Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, Daily News, CalWatchdog, etc. I’m in the LA Press Club, so I get an ID card, and a placard for my car, for when I park outside murder sites. :)

I’m doing Psychology Today Cartoons now, too, which isn’t as nutty as you think. It’s fun to twist peoples’ preconceptions. :) I also do a blog of psychology and therapy cartoons for Psych Central.

I have two books out and in print,  What Do Women REALLY Want? Chocolate!, and Love Me or Go To Hell: True Love Cartoons . More info and descriptions, including how to get them signed, here.

My other blogs, which are not always updated, but which you might find entertaining anyway:

  • Why I Did It — tech tips for artists, copyright issues,  book reviews, and TV reviews.
  • Chocolate Arts– food blog about chocolate, partly to match my chocolate book, but more to have fun talking about the sweet life.
  • The Opposite of Wrong — my Op-Ed Cartoons site. You’ve never seen political cartoons like this before, so if you think you don’t like editorial cartoons, you might have fun with these.
  • Griffith Park (and Silver Lake) —  includes local Los Angeles politics, but tends to veer off into animal and tree rights.

All cartoons are copyrighted, and cannot be used in any way without my express permission, the author and cartoonist. Copyright is poetry and the law, and I’m not very funny when I take legal action against thieves and dumbbell copyright infringers. In fact, this is kind of a hobby of mine! :)

On the other hand, I always have a price, and here is how to buy some swell cartoons.canary cartoon

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Important Note!!

Finally, I don’t write the captions again right underneath the cartoon because I think you’re dumb, or I’m dumb. I include them because some people can’t read my handwriting, especially on mobile devices. Also, Google can only read text, not  words written inside cartoons. I don’t want Google to mistake the illustrations here for stupid LOL Cats or photos of some Kardashian. This way, people who want to find cartoons on particular subjects, can find them. And buy them.

You can, too.