Unhealthy cat food.

                          Do you like cartoons in color? Color is the bomb, especially online. Just ask for color, when you buy the cartoon! This one was published in Weight Watchers Magazine, and at the editor’s request, I changed the caption for her. My original […]

A simple restaurant sign.

Can you tell from the lettering on the window? I went to sign school and I  really appreciate handsome  and well-considered fonts. :)  This current WordPress theme I’m using as I write this — Ascetica — was my pick,  because of his judicious choices and placement of the lettering. As for the cartoon, most restaurants […]

doctor tells patient he doesn't have a backbone to stand on

X-rays for your soul.

Oh, dear. I’m afraid some may think this cartoon is a reflection of what I think of certain men: that they don’t have a backbone. Or, you know, any kind of bone, anywhere. Or any word beginning with “bone.” (I’m bad at Scrabble.) They rate diamonds by their hardness…why not bones? No,  this cartoon is […]

men in coffin is plotting revenge

Man in coffin cartoon.

I’ve written elsewhere that I’ve been doing Morbid cartoons for a very long time. Bob Mankoff, editor of the New Yorker, spoke once and said that a great percentage of cartoons submitted there are about death. They don’t publish that many…but that doesn’t stop us from churning them out. I can’t say that I have […]