New Yorker Cartoons for the West Coast

Buying a house at the shore?

Lotsa talk about real estate and housing in SoCal (Southern California). Real real estate hijinks. Beach house bingo. I rather love real estate chatter. When the LA Times actually had a Real Estate Section — a few years ago, now — it was…


Leadership by destroying your competitors.

Jump, how? Rumble? Fight like Mad Men? Or serious Soprano stuff? I guess I just like brawls with businessmen. And references to packs of wolves. White collar men have fighting needs, too, you know. Yeah, this is a typical New Yorker cartoon: Set…


Unhealthy cat food.

                          Do you like cartoons in color? Color is the bomb, especially online. Just ask for color, when you buy the cartoon! This one was published in Weight Watchers Magazine, and…


The cat who considers laundry detergent and dog baths.

                        I’d love to do a whole book of cat vs dog cartoons! They wouldn’t fight so much, but rather bicker, sulk, and complain. Also, this “ring around the collar” problem is…


There are no flat-screen TVs in hell.

It’s always great fun to do a cartoon about hell. I drew a really old TV, the black & white ones they probably have down there. Most people know the  Hollywood biz as well as those of us who live here do now,…


Is that a wad of cash in your pocketbook, Ma’am?

Nothing like public pensions to get the arguments started in California politics! I love the cops (except for evil tasers, which I think are legal torture), but should they get THAT much money when they retire? Early? From my weekly cartoon feature on…


What to do if you hear noises in the house.

What should you do when you hear a burglar in the house? Whistle a happy tune? Or are you more like me, and you’d rather obsess over legal charges and how to get him arrested?! Okay, I guess this cartoon is more for…


Raven talks about criminal 3 strikes law.


  I could have put this in the Political Cartoons category, I guess, too! I was thinking New Yorker at the time. But there’s something so scholarly about the law, always looking for loopholes, rewriting, examining it one more time, that makes me…


A simple restaurant sign.

Can you tell from the lettering on the window? I went to sign school and I  really appreciate handsome  and well-considered fonts. :)  This current WordPress theme I’m using as I write this — Ascetica — was my pick,  because of his judicious…


Movie development cartoon.

college kids discuss grade on paper

NOTE: I changed the caption. Yes, that’s allowed. New caption is at bottom of post. Option is a word I hear a lot in my Scriptwriters Network seminars. No one knows the typical amount “they” pay to option a script, but it must…


X-rays for your soul.

doctor tells patient he doesn't have a backbone to stand on

Oh, dear. I’m afraid some may think this cartoon is a reflection of what I think of certain men: that they don’t have a backbone. Or, you know, any kind of bone, anywhere. Or any word beginning with “bone.” (I’m bad at Scrabble.)…


Girl Talk cartoons.

woman asks beau if her new shoes are over the top

This is a Girl Talk cartoon. I did a page-a-day calendar for Barnes & Noble called What do Women Really Want? Cats, Chocolate, Shoes, and Love! (2003) I sold it because of the title (my own)  that most people laughed at, and on…


Man in coffin cartoon.

men in coffin is plotting revenge

I’ve written elsewhere that I’ve been doing Morbid cartoons for a very long time. Bob Mankoff, editor of the New Yorker, spoke once and said that a great percentage of cartoons submitted there are about death. They don’t publish that many…but that doesn’t…


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